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Healthy diet to lose weight 5 kilos in just one week

Healthy diet to lose weight 5 kilos in just one week

Nutrition varies from one person to another because of the difference in the burn rate within the body, which is not known to many people around the world, depending on the weight, height and daily movement of each person.

Fast and healthy diet
Health nutritionists have prepared this healthy diet, a model of the quality of food and diets to be taken for weight loss with examples of the amount of starch sufficient for men and women. This diet helps to lose one kilogram a week.

Breakfast: Choose one type of possibility
• 1/2 medium loaf (for women) \ 4-year average loaf (for men) of full wheat bread or white cheese + brown/non-greasy white cheese + teaspoon oil
• Cups (for women)/1/2 cups (men) of beans + teaspoon + vegetables
• Method of preparation of chickpeas with milk: 4/3 Cup hummus for women \ Cobb and Quarter men + 4 \ 1 cup roasted + cup milk without fat
• 1 small boiled potatoes (for women), 2 potatoes (for men) + 2 poached eggs + 1 teaspoon oil
• Egg Omelette # 2 for women \ 3 eggs for men + 4 \ 1 loaf of bread
• One cup of skimmed milk + one cup of oatmeal (for women) + one Cup (for men) (oatmeal with milk)

Kind of fruit, so the size of the share is the size of the fist hand.
Dried fruits such as apricots, dates, raisins and dried figs can be eaten.

• It is recommended to diversify, and the week must include cereals, legumes and meat of all kinds.
• It is advisable to avoid frying and replace it with roasting or boiling.
• It is advisable to reduce the fat used for cooking.
• It is advisable to eat half the amount of food that I used to eat daily.
• It is advisable to use small dishes, which will help to eat less.
• Salad Bowl + fish or chicken breast or piece of meat or tuna as far as hand palm + medium potatoes or tablespoon of rice or 80 grams of bread or spoon and half pasta + boiled or cooked vegetables.

Choose one of the three probability

1/2 Cup of unsaturated milk + type of fruit
Milk chic 1/2 cup milk without cream + Banana 1 small size + cocoa-free sugar
A glass of fruit salad.

Preferably a light dinner:
1/2 Medium loaf (for women) \ 4 (men) average loaf of bread full wheat or brown + brick/white cheese without cream + teaspoon oil
1 cup of unsaturated milk + 1 cup of oatmeal (for women) + 1 cup (men)

Eat 8 cups of water a day, this helps in:
1. Reduce appetite
2. Full sense
3. Lose weight


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