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Best ways to treat knee roughness

Best ways to treat knee roughness
There is no doubt that the knee is the most visible part of the human body, and the knee has many very important functions and these knee-play roles are the most vital and indispensable human is never like (standing--walking-difficulties and falling ladder), and it is expected that the human being will be infected with knee pains or certain injuries with old age such as (knee cartilage-bone softness).
-Here are the causes of knee roughness:
1. Ageing is one of the most important causes of knee roughness.

2. Also causes of knee roughness are due to hereditary factors.
3. Excess weight This is one of the most important causes of knee roughness.
4-Sitting in a wrong position.
5. Standing for long periods of time leads to knee roughness and also to the incidence of varicose disease.
6-not to conduct daily sports exercises on an ongoing basis.
-Here are also the symptoms of knee roughness:
1-some tumor appears on the knee from the top.
2-The pain we feel when you press the knee.
3-We feel inside the knee in the form of joint friction.
4-We feel about knee cramps.
-Here are the best ways to treat knee roughness:
1. We must avoid long periods on the feet so that we do not kneel.

2. Avoiding the rise of peace and landing is frequent, as it leads to the discharge of the knees.
3-knees must be avoided more than normal because it affects the knees.
4-Avoid the use of sports bicycles because they have a great impact on the knees.
5-The film walks from the best things to the knee but the sneakers must be worn while walking and also must walk on a level floor like the floor of the sports stadiums.
6. We must all reduce the excess weight because the excess weight mainly affects the knees because when the weight increases, the whole body carries on the knees., it must be an article of starch and fat and more than eating fresh fruits and fresh vegetables as well and continuously exercising daily aerobics.
7. Upon the rise and fall of the ladder, to avoid loading on the knees, we must build on the peace wall.
8. All persons with knee roughness must, when exercising and walking, in particular, use a stick, and if the left foot is infected, the stick must be caught in the right hand and vice versa.


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