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Best hair care methods

Hair is an integral part of the beauty of shape and appearance. The more shiny and healthy it is, the more it can be considered as the basic measure of beauty. The hair is made up of protein so a healthy diet and care of hair hygiene is an essential part of maintaining attractive hair. Hair Care You can do at home to get incredibly beautiful hair including:
Best hair care methods
You should wash your hair gently and use a good quality shampoo, as hair washing often leaves the hair dry and liquefy with natural oils. This can cause hair damage, so shampoo should be avoided every day but should be used twice a week only.
Trying to use a shampoo that does not contain sulphate or paraben. Sulfates are the chemicals that make the shampoo thick. Parabens and preservatives cause eye irritation and problems after use that can last for a long time. All these chemicals are not healthy for hair or the environment. You should try using shampoo with natural cleansers to protect your hair.
Choose the shampoo that is suitable for your hair type regardless of its price and quality, such as: Curly or coarse hair needs a moisturizing shampoo containing oils, and soft and oily hair needs a special shampoo designed for daily use. The treated hair dyed needs a shampoo containing amino acids, Dry hair needs a shampoo with glycerol and collagen to help restore some moisture in the hair.

Deep moisturizing of the hair should be done once a week. It is very good for hair and keeps it soft, healthy and moist.
If the hair is soft you should put natural oils on it before washing it with shampoo such as lavender oil or tea tree oil and rub the scalp by leaving it for a minute before washing.
Thick and medium density hair should be applied to the humidifier and distributed throughout the head and left for two minutes to three minutes before washing.
Caution should be taken from the use of hair care products that contain a lot of protein, because it can leave hair dry and brittle with the fact that protein is the basic building block for healthy hair so it is recommended to use hair care products that contain balanced ingredients.
Rinse your hair with vinegar-mixed water before shampooing twice a year. Doing so helps make hair brighter and cleaner. In addition, it fights the crust. It is best to use organic apple vinegar with three cups of warm water, then rinse and wash the hair as usual.


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